Novelist Sets Off His Weekly Series With With “Active”


Novelist is putting his foot on gas for the new year. Much like how KXNG Crooked blessed us with “Hip Hop Weeklys,” Novelist is launching a new weekly series that’ll bless us with new fire every week titled, 52 Weeks Of Fire. Kicking things off with “Active,” the rapper delivers a gritty, UK drill-infused banger as he flexes a slower flow than usually. He has the same amount of attack in his voice but it has a more grim feel to it, tapping into the lurky underworld of London.

The new song arrives shortly after the announcement of his new project, Inferno due out on Jan. 20th. The song will be included on the project, along with five other tracks.

Stay tuned for Novelist’s next drop.

Quotable Lyrics
I’m a love transmitter so don’t come around talkin’ litter
Truth is an ego killer
Think you’re hard
But I think you’ll find that the truth is realer


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