NY Cops Bust Barbershop Party During COVID-19 Pandemic


Police had to shut down a barbershop in Brooklyn that defied social distancing orders in wake of the growing coronavirus pandemic, New York Post reports. Over 50 people were in attendance at an underground party located at eNVee Barbershop in Canarsie. Police got to eNVee just after 10 p.m., though the business was supposed to be shut down for the time being anyway. 

Two people were arrested in connection to a gun that was found while 60 people were given summons to court for violating the social distancing rules. What seems a bit odder about this whole thing if that NYPD helicopters flew the location in order to make sure that everyone in attendance was caught.

One of the men in attendance went on social media to argue that he was a cameraman and the people were just shooting a music video. Police, on the other hand, claim that it was a party with no purpose. Police undoubtedly took some serious measures to penalize everyone involved but, even if they were shooting a music video, it doesn’t seem like the brightest idea to pack 60 people in a single spot while a virus is still spreading at a rapid pace.

The arrest comes shortly after Mayor Bill De Blasio asked residents of New York to snitch on crowds and non-essential businesses that that are staying open. 


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