O.T. Genasis Gets Petty; Uploads “Never Knew” To Pornhub


O.T. Genasis is not backing down.

After his viral “Never Knew” remake of Keyshia Cole’s classic “Love” track was removed from the web, the West Coast rapper began a stream of subtle trolls responding to Cole’s disapproval of the track. His latest entry? To get fans what they deserve by any means necessary, and Sunday night, that meant uploading the removed music video to Pornhub.

“Took my video off YouTube…Now let me see you take it off PORNHUB LOL,” he captioned in the reveal of the move. 

It was earlier in the week that Cole expressed her umbrage with O.T.’s flip of “Love”: My only concern—this is a genuine concern is that you know, I am trying to get my music where it used to be,” expressed the Oakland singer on her One on One with Keyshia Cole talk show. “I’m trying to find that passion for the music that I used to have so long ago when I was trying to get out of Oakland,” she said. “So I would like my classics to be left alone. Is that wrong as an artist to say?” 

O.T. would go on to pin the removal of his new track on the songstress and uploaded a snippet of himself singing along to her “I Should’ve Cheated” track in response. 

Elsewhere, fans can hear an updated Keyshia hopping on the official release of Kehlani’s latest “All Me” track.

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