O.T. Genasis Leaves Nothing On The Table With “Never Knew”


There are some things in life that simply command your attention. Evidently, O.T. Genasis’ “Crip Remix” of Keyshia Cole’s 2006 hit “Love” does exactly that. Forsaking even the faintest hint of autotune, O.T. opts for the raw and uncut approach, turning in the most spirited performance we’ve seen since Kurt Cobain’s “Where Did You Sleep Last Night.” Wailing vocals in an off-key, yet undeniably endearing, fashion, Genasis wholeheartedly commits to his tale of gangland retribution and Crip pride. 

Belting the chorus as if standing on a mountaintop, Genasis’ sheer bravery in laying tackling this soulful track– unprocessed at that–is impressive to behold. Interestingly enough, fans seem to be enjoying the song for a variety of different reasons; a quick perusal of the YouTube comment section finds many applauding Genasis for his unconventional and brutally honest rendition. Perhaps we’re looking at the next big trend, the honest-to-God death of autotune Jay-Z foreshadowed all those years ago. 

Quotable Lyrics

It’s killing me, your third degree,
I shot my opp from a distance
What you see in cuz you don’t see in me
When I’m done, you gon know, ain’t make believe
So cuz, never knew that I was Crippin
If a n***a get to trippin I’ma ride!

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