Obama Family’s Thanksgiving Photo Shows Daughters Are All Grown Up


Since leaving the White House, the Obamas have been enjoying their time away from the political arena. Former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama have shared photos of themselves enjoying vacations around the world as they caught up on all of the leisure activities they were made to avoid for eight years in office. Each holiday the political parents still share well-wishes on social media, and they made sure to deliver yet another message for America’s turkey-filled festivities.

Annie Leibovitz/White House via Getty Images

“From our family to yours, #HappyThanksgiving!” Michelle wrote in a caption that accompanied a photo of the family of four. Daughters Sasha and Malia Obama have grown into beautiful young women and are a far cry from the little girls who moved into the White House all those years ago. Malia was 10 and Sasha was seven when their father became president, making Sasha the youngest person to have lived in the White House since the late John F. Kennedy Jr. was a child.

Now, the girls are 21 and 18-years-old, and while Malia has been enjoying her years at Harvard University, Sasha opted to attend the University of Michigan. Meanwhile, Former President Obama offered up some advice for those of you who may be facing some challenging conversations over Thanksgiving dinner. “Before arguing with friends or family around the Thanksgiving table, take a look at the science behind arguing better,” he tweeted. “And it’ll never hurt to try this: ‘Listen to people, get them to think about their own experience, and highlight your common humanity.'” Check out the Obama’s family photo, along with Obama’s tweet, below.

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