Odell Beckham Jr. Claims He’s Open To Playing Second Pro Sport


Odell Beckham Jr. is already one of the best wide receivers in football but he seems to be wanting more out of his career. As of right now, OBJ is struggling on the 2-4 Cleveland Browns who are already reminiscent of his New York Giants from just a couple of years ago. There isn’t a lot to cheer about when it comes to the Browns and OBJ hasn’t been as good a partner for Baker Mayfield as originally thought.

In a recent interview with Pat McManamon of The Athletic, OBJ opened up about the impending lockout in 2020 as the CBA is about to expire. If the league and the players can’t come to a proper solution, we could see a lockout that extends into the season. With that in mind, Beckham says he is interested in pursuing a second sport. In fact, he’s confident he can make it work because “there’s not much that [he] wasn’t just naturally good at.”

Based on his statements above, it seems as though OBJ wouldn’t mind pursuing any sport as long as a team wants him. The only sport he probably wouldn’t be great at is hockey considering he’s never shown us his skating ability.

Beckham’s statements are certainly ambitious but probably won’t come to fruition anytime soon. If a lockout does happen, Beckham will most likely be forced to sit out like everyone else.

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