Odell Beckham Jr. Shares Baby-Faced TBT Alongside Jarvis Landry


Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry have been great friends since they were teenagers. Both men got to play at LSU together which is where their bond was cemented. Once they got to the NFL, they went their separate ways with OBJ going to New York and Landry going to Miami. This summer, the two were able to reunite in Cleveland after OBJ was traded from the Giants. The two wide receivers are amongst some of the best in the game and seeing them in the same uniform gives them lots of nostalgia.

Today is Thanksgiving and it just so happens to be Thursday as well. These two elements create for a perfect #TBT opportunity and that’s exactly what Beckham Jr. did today. The Pro Bowler posted a side-by-side photo of he and Landry when they were young which shows them in their baby-face years. 

“ALOT TO BE THANKFUL FOR ON THIS DAY …. I just wanna thank god we don’t look like this no moooore happy bday blooody,” Beckham wrote. 

The difference between how they look now and how they appeared back then is quite striking although we can chalk it up to the power of a beard. Beards are like makeup for men and cover all of our imperfections to create a much better-looking person. For Landry and OBJ, this is no different.

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