Offset & Cardi B’s Daughter, Kulture, Loves Dancing To This Song


For the first year of Offset and Cardi B’s daughter’s life, we didn’t know much about her. It took months before we finally got a photo of Kulture. We gradually started seeing more and more Kulture content on social media and we’re forever grateful. There was that video of Offset and his little girl going kiss-for-kiss. Or, remember when she whipped around the house in her pink convertible? The hip hop parents even brought their daughter out at a show recently so she could get a feel for the stage. 

Well, now we’re getting another update on Baby K from Daddy-O. Offset sat down with Billboard to participate in their “Fishing For Answers” video segment, in which artists pull questions at random from a bowl. One of the questions he fished out was, “What’s Kulture’s favorite song to dance to?.” Without hesitation, the Migos member stated, “Right now, it’s ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.’ She knows it now, like, head, shoulders, knees, and toes…She’s very interactive. I think ‘Baby Shark,’ she kinda grew past that. ‘Cause now, babies get to a point where they want to learn, and learning is fun with them… and she still like ‘Apples and Bananas’ on YouTube. She know that word for word.” Speaking of dancing, Offset also revealed in the video that he used to be a serious dancer, but stopped pursuing that passion because it didn’t pay well enough.  

I, for one, am shocked that Offset’s response was not “Clout” off his solo project, Father of Four. Not only does the song feature both of her parents, but Kulture has even been filmed dancing along to it! I guess she outgrew it. 


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