Offset Casually Tosses His Hat Into The GOAT Conversation


It’s no secret that the fans have turned on Offset. Look at his status in 2017, coming off the release of the acclaimed Culture. His verse on Gucci Mane’s “Met Gala” was met with praise. His mixtape with 21 Savage and Metro Boomin birthed one of the biggest songs of the year – not to mention a dark and spooky mixtape for the masses. In fact, many were eager to see Offset thrive as a solo artist, going so far as to champion his branch-out from the Migo gang. Today, it’s hard to believe that such a state of affairs existed at all.

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Perhaps it was his increased frequency in the media headlines, a likely side-effect from his relationship with Cardi B. Perhaps it was simple Migos fatigue. Either way, Offset quickly found the fans losing the interest they once had, and his Father Of 4 album was met with ambivalence upon its release. Even though it was a strong project, one in which both growth and musical evolution were displayed. Still, Offset was not about to hang his head. 

These days, Offset’s clearly all about the self-love. Taking to Instagram, the Atlanta lyricist took a moment to throw his hat into the GOAT conversation, albeit in a roundabout fashion. Though his words are likely to cause spikes in old head energy, consider that such a photo-op cannot and should not be denied. It’s not the first time we’ve seen rappers employ farm animals to make a point. It certainly won’t be the last. 


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