Offset Co-Signs Trouble’s Take On Quavo & Saweetie Elevator Fight


Just as the story was beginning to die down, Saweetie and Quavo’s high-profile split was back in the news after a video was released showing a physical altercation that reportedly took place while they were still together. In the video, which was filmed in an elevator in North Hollywood, Saweetie attempts to throw a punch at Quavo, which the rapper dodges. Then, he physically drags Saweetie into the elevator as they struggle over an orange Call of Duty briefcase. Quavo gains control as Saweetie stays on the ground for over a minute before limping out of the elevator. 

People have been reacting to the video for the last day on social media, calling out Quavo for his alleged abuse. DJ Akademiks called their relationship “toxic and abusive”, which is something that many people have agreed with. Rappers Trouble and Bandhunta Izzy defended Quavo, saying that the man is innocent and didn’t do anything to harm his girlfriend in the video. Trouble even posted a video explaining why he doesn’t see this as abuse, which Quavo’s Migos partner Offset ended up “liking”.

“@quavohuncho innocent,” said Trouble in the statement that Offset co-signed. “Ain gon say it noooo mo!… Afta she swung on em dawg even used da same call of duty case to hold da door open for da lady to get up an walk out. Yall Brazy af man.”

It makes sense that Offset would try and back his family up by “liking” this kind of post. The Migos have not issued a statement on the video, nor has Saweetie. We’ll keep you posted on what happens next.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images