Offset Makes Cardi B Thirsty While Dressed Up As Santa For His Kids On Christmas


Offset really got into the holiday spirit this year. The Migos rapper showed off his Christmas getup this morning with a video of himself dancing in a Santa costume for his kids. While his little ones were eating breakfast in the kitchen of him and wife Cardi B’s brand new mansion, Offset put on a little performance for them as Old Saint Nick, complete with a stuffed belly and fake leather boots. His daughter proceeded to declare “You’re Santa Clause!” which made Offset beam proudly at the camera under his fluffy white beard. He asks if they’ve been good kids and if they’ll be getting some gifts today, and is met with confident affirmaitons. 

The video is too sweet, showing how much the man loves his children and how dedicated he is to making the holidays special for them. Of course, Cardi takes the moment from nice to naughty after following Offset out of the room. When she asks Santa what she’s getting for Christmas, he lets her know exactly what he’s giving her, complete with a suggestive thrust. The couple is known for never holding back on their sex life, often oversharing and getting graphic, so this exchange is hardly surprising. It is the holidays, though, so who can blame them for feeling the love a little extra today.


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