Offset Pulls Slick Michael Jackson Dance Moves In “Thriller” Costume


One thing about Offset that he hasn’t explored in his art as much as he should is his dancing skills. We’ve all seen that video of a young Offset perfectly pop-locking with a frohawk. Although it seems that Offset was kind of reluctant to showcase them in the past, he has since embraced them. He flexed his dance moves in the “Walk It Talk It” music video and during his performance with Cardi B at the BET Hip-Hop Awards. Yesterday, he dressed up as Michael Jackson for Halloween and it appears that he got really into his costume.

In a clip shared on Instagram, Offset came through in a full “Thriller” outfit and while Migos played, “Pure Water,” Offset took his two-step and turned it into a full-on moonwalk across the stage. The rapper showcased his dance moves which were on point before sliding across the stage while Quavo got the crowd chanting “Michael Jackson.” “HAPPY HALLOWEEN. R.I.P THE KING OF POP,” he wrote. “MY INSPIRATION.”

The rapper recently revealed exactly why he stopped dancing. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as profitable as rapping so ‘Set gravitated towards what was going to be able to bring him a bag. “I can dance like a mothafucka, you know what I’m sayin’? I showcased it at the BET awards a little bit,” he admitted. “Just a little taste of something. Like a little five percent but really I go crazy with it. But you know, it just came a time when it wasn’t making me no money. It didn’t make no sense for me, you know what I’m sayin’? So I got into rap.”


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