Offset Throws Hands At Miami Strip Club After Cardi B Gets Sprayed With Champagne


Not even one day following his run-in with police in Los Angeles at The Grove, Offset has gotten himself in trouble once again. The Atlanta native claims to have been mistakenly identified by the cops this week and, in turn, he was released shortly after being detained. Two members of his entourage were booked on firearms charges though. With the Super Bowl taking place in Miami, Florida this weekend, celebrities are flocking to the Sunshine State, booking appearances and showing up to the hottest parties in the city. Offset and Cardi B performed last night and, after their gigs wrapped up, they headed to Booby Trap on the River strip club where a little scuffle broke out.

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

As reported by TMZ, Offset was furious after his wife, Cardi B, was caught in the crossfire of a champagne barrage. Bottles were popped and bubbly started flying everywhere. When Cardi B got wet, she stood still and tried to keep her cool. Offset, on the other hand, was not as calm.

The rapper wound up his fist, identified the culprit, and started swinging on him. The Migos star can be seen on video heading in for the strike, which he apparently needed to be held back from after repeatedly hammering down on the dude. After the incident, the power couple reportedly left the club. 

Things just keep on piling up for Offset, Hopefully, this doesn’t end in legal action being taken by the victim.


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