Offset’s Baby Mama Takes Rapper To Court For More Child Support: Report


The Father Of 4 is in a little bit of trouble. Migos rapper Offset is one of the most famous faces in the world, enjoying a successful solo career on top of his work with the three-man band. His debut project as his own artist revolved around his personal life, discussing his bond with his four children and his children’s mothers. There are songs dedicated to Cardi B, his wife, and there are others meant for little Kulture, Kalea, Kody and Jordan. According to a new report by TMZ, the mother of Kalea Cephus is attempting to prove that Set’s love may not be fully maxed out, taking him to court to hopefully increase child support payments.

Legal documents reportedly note that Shya L’amour is asking for several things from her baby’s father but the one thing she primarily is looking for is child support. Shya is reportedly saying that Offset provided “very minimal” financial support for her and his daughter Kalea, hoping that these court-ordered documents will entice the rapper to pay up more frequently and in larger amounts. 

The same papers note that offset has taken a DNA test to confirm that he is the father of Kalea. The two reportedly did not have a prior legal agreement regarding child support. Thankfully, there appears to be no bad blood between Set and L’amour. Shya simply wants Offset to take more responsibility and take better care of his daughter, also making more time for regular visits.


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