OJ Da Juiceman Shares Gucci Mane Wrote R. Kelly’s Verse On “Supaman High”


Even with the scandals that have followed R. Kelly for decades, the singer’s musical talents are undeniable. He’s topped the charts, broken records, and has collaborated with dozens of artists throughout his career, and at one time, an R. Kelly link made for a guaranteed hit. Back in 2009, the Chicago crooner collided sonically with Atlanta rapper OJ da Juiceman on the singer’s single “Supaman High,” and in a recent interview, OJ recalls how he ended up collaborating with Kelly.

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“Gucci wrote the hook…no, I wrote the hook,” OJ recalled. The host was stunned because he’s never heard this story before. “Gucci wrote R. Kelly’s verse. And R. Kelly kept Gucci’s ad-libs. If you listen deep into it R. Kelly singing and sh*t, you’ll hear Gucci.” OJ added that he and Kelly didn’t work on this song in the studio. “The label [said] R. Kelly got this record. He need a hook and a verse,” he said. “The label put the call in. R. Kelly? Hell yeah! I was happy as hell to do that sh*t. Me to be a trap rapper rappin’ ’bout dope and sh*t? R. Kelly? Got-damn, c’mon man.”

Elsewhere in the interview, OJ told the story of how he got shot eight times and still performed that same week. Check out his chat in full below.

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