OJ Simpson Blasts MLB Hall Of Fame Voter Who Snubbed Derek Jeter


Ever since being released from prison a few years ago, OJ Simpson has been doing his best to keep a low profile while out in public. It wasn’t until recently that the former NFL player began making Twitter videos where he gives his opinion on a wide range of topics including politics, sports, and fantasy football. Yesterday, Simpson was particularly perturbed after it was revealed that Derek Jeter was one vote shy of unanimously making it to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Many have been trying to figure out who the voter was and some are even calling for them to be banned from voting.

Simpson seems to be one of the voices as he took to Twitter to condemn the anonymous voter. As Simpson explained, Jeter’s talent and impact on the sport are undeniable which makes it crazy for him not to be voted unanimously. Simpson thinks the writer should have his voting right revoked. 

He also suggested the writer might be Boston considering Red Sox fans hate those who played for the Yankees. Either way, Simpson is upset and wants to see some kind of justice here. 

Simpson also spoke about the Super Bowl and how he is betting on the San Francisco 49ers. Clearly, OJ has some strong opinions when it comes to the world of sports. 

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