OJ Simpson Embraces The Halloween Spirit With Patrick Mahomes Costume


Ever since OJ Simpson got his Twitter account, he has become a bit of a meme. Considering what OJ has allegedly done, it’s very peculiar that he has gotten so much social media attention but when you realize it’s 2019, it’s probably not as jarring as one would assume. Nonetheless, OJ had dedicated much of his time to fantasy football and giving his loyal followers some insight on who to start and who to sit on any given weekend. Since the beginning of the year, Simpson has professed his love for Patrick Mahomes, who is the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Mahomes won the MVP trophy last year and unfortunately, he got injured just a couple of weeks ago. He’ll probably be back soon but in the spirit of Halloween, OJ decided to dress as the quarterback for the occasion. In the video below, Simpson can be seen mimicking Mahomes and talking about his so-called injury.

OJ is just another person in a long line of celebrities and sports personalities who went all-in on Halloween this year. To be fair though, a Mahomes costume isn’t all that hard to pull off so we can’t say Simpson “won” Halloween or anything like that.

Hopefully, Mahomes can get back on the field soon so OJ has a reason to cheer again.

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