Oldest Living American, Hester Ford, Dies At 115


Hester Ford, known for being the oldest living person in the United States, died at the age of 115, this weekend, her family announced in a statement. She leaves behind 68 grandchildren, 125 great-grandchildren, and at least 120 great-great-grandchildren.

“She was a pillar and stalwart to our family and provided much-needed love, support, and understanding to us all,” Ford’s great-granddaughter, Tanisha Patterson-Powe, said in a statement. “She was the seed that sprouted leaves and branches which is now our family. God saw fit to make her the matriarch of your family and blessed us to be her caretakers and recipients of her legacy.”

Hester was born in 1905 and married John Ford at 14. She gave birth to the first of 12 children, one year later. John died in 1963.

Following the death of Alelia Murphy at the age of 114 years in November, Hester became the country’s oldest living person.

“She not only represented the advancement of our family but of the Black African American race and culture in our country. She was a reminder of how far we have come as people on this earth,” Patterson-Powe said, per the AP.

Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles declared August 15th to be recognized as Hester McCardell Ford Day back in 2019.