Olivia, “First Lady Of G-Unit,” Announces She’s Getting Married: “#HappilyEngaged”


It feels like it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Olivia Longott. The New York-bred singer made waves in the early 2000s after Clive Davis signed her to J Records and she released her self-titled studio album. The record was met with moderate success and it seemed as if she was on her way to R&B-pop stardom, but Olivia would later be released from J because, she felt, Clive was trying to mold her into something she wasn’t.

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Not long after leaving J Records, Olivia inked a deal with 50 Cent and was referred to as the First Lady of G-Unit. Her vocals can be found on Fif’s songs like “Candy Shop” and “So Amazing,” but due to reported conflicts going on within the label, things didn’t work out for her there, either. Olivia’s talents are undeniable, but she hasn’t been able to have her moment in the spotlight like many believes she deserves. Her short stint on Love & Hip Hop years ago put her singing abilities on display, but the drama on the show also was a heavy burden to bear. 

It’s been seven years since Olivia has released an album, and as fans continue to await the next career move from the singer, she’s been living a peaceful life. On Thanksgiving, she shared on Instagram that she’s engaged, however, she’s keeping the identity of her fiancé under wraps. “To say you have been my rock is an understatement. You are my fortress and my shield,” she wrote in the caption of her photo. “You protect me at all costs and I am grateful to have your love & trust. My family is your family & vice versa. I have never been more confident about anything or anyone. I am thankful for you this year and every year to come. Thank you for literally lifting me up when I felt like the world was crumbling around me. May God bless our Union.”

Check out Olivia’s post and read her message in full below. While you’re there, check out her music video for her track “Twist It” featuring Lloyd Banks.

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