Omar Apollo & Dominic Fike Hop On Some Kenny Beats Production For “Hit Me Up”


Omar Apollo and Dominic Fike are two of the most exciting artists on the rise right now. While Apollo has a few more full-lengths under his belt that Fike, who is still cruising off the waves of a six-track EP (Don’t Forget About Me, Demos), both of them still seem to have much more to offer. Apollo, 22, and Fike, 23, belong to the generation that benefited from access to endless music and it shows in their own genre-defying songs. 

If Apollo seems to lean more towards the realm of R&B and Fike towards pop-rock, then them enlisting Kenny Beats to produce their new collaboration, “Hit Me Up” is evidence that they evade any of these classifications. Kenny Beats is ubiquitous in the hip hop scene at the moment, but for this occasion, he managed to craft a beat that feels like purely live instrumentation. Fike blends his breathy melodies with the rapping chops that he displayed on his last collaboration with Kenny, “Phone Numbers“. 

Quotable Lyrics

You know I wouldn’t tell you where to go
Nobody listen to the radio, baby
We’re bending corners like were running from the sun
Whip is turning different colors and you’re taking on changes

– Dominic Fike




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