Omarion Explains “Business Reasons” For Breaking Off From Lil Wayne’s Young Money


There’s a lot of drama that’s been going on in Omarion’s personal life surrounding his baby mama Apryl Jones and her new relationship with his B2K member Lil Fizz. While Omarion has remained completely mute on the situation, he has found time to chop it up with Vlad TV and discuss a number of topics that shed light on his come up and past business moves. 

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Unknown to many, there was a time that Omarion was considered a Young Money affiliate for all of four months. Lil Wayne announced that Omarion would be joining the label but due to some “business reasons,” things changed. 

“I was looking to find a new home, so to speak, more of a partnership aspect to my business. So I signed a deal with Young Money, and it was an exciting thing,” Omarion told Vlad TV, as seen below. “Basically, long story short, what happened was when I signed my deal I was supposed to get my advance. And the lawyers were talking, and basically, upon signing you’re supposed to get the advance in a specific time. Within that time, my check didn’t come.”

Apparently Omarion and Lil Wayne had a little bit of back and forth on the deal since he still didn’t receive his money. After even more back and forth and broken promises, Omarion finally called the deal off. “I’m like, no fam, I can’t do this,” he said. 

Watch the explanation in full below.


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