Omarion & His Son Look Identical


At first glance, you may think you’re watching a video of Omarion during his childhood. Don’t be fooled though. That’s just the singer’s mini-me running around.

Omarion’s son Megaa Omari was at the center of some drama after the Apryl Jones fiasco happened last year. There are rumors that the singer does not allow his son to have any contact with his mother’s male friends. While that would be understandable after all that went down, Omarion surely isn’t shy about letting us in on his daddy duties via social media.

In a brand new video shared to Instagram, Omarion showed that his genes are pretty dominant, considering Megaa looks just like him.

“Little big boy now,” he wrote.

The tyke can be seen in his bathing trunks with his sister, running around the house and fixing his hair in the mirror.

In the comments, people are noticing the resemblance right away. “I legit thought this was a childhood video of you for a quick second,” said one person. “Damn he looks just like you fam,” wrote another commenter.

Bow Wow recently began teasing a sequel to Face Off with Omarion, hinting that it could be his final contribution to music before retirement. Their plans for Face Off 2 remain unknown.

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