Oscar De La Hoya Claims He’s Coming Back To Boxing


Oscar De La Hoya has always been a bit of a controversial guy when it comes to the world of boxing. While he has won his fair share of championships, there have been times where he has let his mouth get the best of him, leading to some bad losses and an even worse public image. These days, De La Hoya is seen as more of a promoter than anything else, although recently, he has been teasing a return to the ring.

According to TMZ, De La Hoya brought his comeback one step closer to reality as he was on stage for the Jake Paul-Ben Askren fight press conference. While speaking to Snoop Dogg, De La Hoya said “July 3rd, I’m making my comeback” before dropping the mic and walking away completely.

De La Hoya left us with no clue as to who he will be going up against although at 48 years old, we imagine it will be somebody in that age range. Comeback fights have been immensely popular as of late, especially in light of what Mike Tyson recently did. We can only assume this will lead to a big payday for De La Hoya which certainly helps the cause.

There are plenty of potential foes out there so let us know who you would like to see him fight, in the comments below. Also, stay tuned for updates on this match as we will be sure to bring them to you.

Oscar De La Hoya

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images