Oscar De La Hoya Roasted After Appearing Coked Out During Triller Broadcast


Oscar De La Hoya was one of the best boxers of his era and in just a few months from now, he will be returning to the ring against an opponent that has yet to be named. While many feel like De La Hoya should probably stay retired, he is adamant that he wants to be in the ring, and overall, it should prove to be a lucrative return for him, especially since he will be paired up with Triller who were responsible for the Jake Paul and Ben Askren fight.

Last night, De La Hoya got to do some commentary on the fight prior to the Paul Vs. Askren bout and fans immediately felt like something was off. Throughout the entire proceedings, De La Hoya seemed to be high out of his mind and was saying a lot of nonsense all while saying “baby” about a dozen times in the span of just 30 seconds.

Oscar De La Hoya

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

While it was a little unhinged, there is no denying that it was fun to watch, and fans immediately made note of that on social media. Pretty well every meme had something to do with Scarface or Dana White, who made a snide comment about De La Hoya’s drug use a few months ago. Regardless of the jokes, De La Hoya seemed to be having a very good time, and it made for a fun broadcast that will certainly get people hyped for his comeback fight.

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