Pa Salieu Unleashes Debut Project “Send Them To Coventry”


Over the course of 2020, PA Salieu has been putting his best foot forward with every release. “Frontline” became a massive hit and he continued to follow that release with equally promising efforts. His official debut, Send Them To Coventry was released on Friday, showcasing what Salieu is capable of doing with a full body of work. Genres bend together with no barriers to his creativity.

In an interview with iD magazine, the rapper explained that he wanted to bring every type of vibe that he could to the table. “Yeah, it’s genreless. I’m doing anything I want. Like I said, I want all kinds of people to vibes with it. I want families and aunties to vibes with it,” he said.

The project includes appearances from M1llionz, Backroad Gee, Boy Boy, Eight9FLY and more. Peep the project below.