Packers & Lions MNF Game Turns Into Referee Hate-Fest, Fans React


If there is one thing fans hate more than their team losing, it’s their team losing because of mistakes made by the officials. There are bad refs in every single sport but this year, the NFL officials have been particularly bad. During any given game, there seems to be an abundance of holding calls and you can barely go a single drive without seeing one of those pesky yellow flags in the air. It’s certainly become a problem and the issue was on full display during Monday Night Football when the Green Bay Packers took on the Detroit Lions.

After going down 22-13, the Packers came back and won the match 23-22 thanks to some big plays from quarterback Aaron Rodgers. On the touchdown and field goal scoring drives, Rodgers was aided by two bad calls on Trey Flowers of the Lions. It was clear based on the video and photographic evidence that Flowers did nothing wrong but a penalty was called anyway. For many, it was these two flags that won the Packers the game.

Immediately following the game, Lions fans took to Twitter and were livid about the final result. The Packers are a huge divisional rival and if they wanted any chance at winning the NFC North, they needed to knock off the Packers. Many were fed up with the officials and pundits are echoing the same sentiments.

For now, it seems like the NFL has a big problem on their hands as officiating continues to be a big part of the National conversation surrounding the sport.


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