Packers RB Gets Hacked & Tweets Outlandish Aaron Hernandez Remark


Getting your Twitter account hacked is never a fun time. Typically, this happens when you use the same passwords for multiple accounts and don’t take care of your virtual footprint. Green Bay Packer star running back Aaron Jones learned this the hard way on Friday when his Twitter account was hacked and started tweeting some peculiar remarks. There were two tweets in particular although they were quickly deleted. Prior to the deletion, we were able to grab screenshots of what was said.

In the first screenshot, the hacker takes shots at Aaron Hernandez. The anonymous writer says Jones is going to miss the NFC Championship game due to a sexual act with Hernandez. Of course, when you consider Hernandez’s history, the tweet comes across as quite offensive and outlandish which is something fans caught onto right away.

Image via Twitter

In another tweet, the hacker joked about the best quarterbacks in the NFC North division and threw a pretty brutal shot at none other than Chicago Bears QB Mitch Trubisky. Trubisky has become an easy target this year so it’s not surprising to see him get hit with such petty slander. 

Hopefully, Jones can get his situation figured out and this doesn’t become a huge problem going into the NFC Championship game on Sunday.

Image via Twitter


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