Pardison Fontaine Grabs Offset For “Take It Down” Off His Imminent Debut


Pardison Fontaine started out behind-the-scenes, securing writing credits on Cardi B hits and penning the majority of Kanye West’s “Violent Crimes”. Now he’s ready to step into the spotlight. He already took a major first step after “Backin It Up” took off earlier this year. The Cardi-assisted joint went to the top of Billboard’s Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop chart. His next single, “Peach”, boasted a feature from City Girls’ Yung Miami, but didn’t pick up too much steam. The New York rapper’s new song with Offset, “Take It Down”, hits hard enough to prove that Pardison is sticking around. 

“Take It Down” has a hypnotic, piano-prominent beat, but its strength lies in Pardison’s performance. His voice, bars and flows all convene to deliver the message that he deserves to be a known name in the hip hop landscape. He also gives as many witty and quote-able one-liners as you would expect from someone on Cardi B’s songwriting roster. Prime examples include “N****s look like income tax / Can’t wait to get a hold of you” and “She might get Olive Garden / Pussy taste like Jamba Juice”. Pardison’s friend’s husband, Offset, comes in sounding in top shape. 

Pardison Fontaine’s debut album, Underrated, drops this Friday.

Quotable Lyrics

I said I’m moving like a soldier move
My bitch is unapproachable
When I shoot my uzi, man I do that little shoulder move 


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