PartyNextDoor Is Locked In The Studio Working On New Music


It’s been roughly two years since the release of PartyNextDoor’s last project. As fans have been eagerly awaiting new music from the OVO crooner, there haven’t been that many updates in recent times. The last time we heard from PND, he teased a snippet of new music with no release date for a new project. Thankfully, it appears that his time is coming soon. Oliver El-Khatib of OVO recently took to Instagram where he teased a picture of PNB lurking in the shadows of the studio. 

Now, perhaps PND hasn’t been putting in as much work as we all hoped for. Behind the shadow of PND is a television with Fortnite which could maybe explain his absence in the game. Here’s the theory: PartyNextDoor hasn’t released any solo music since 2017, the same year that Fortnite came out. The game soared in popularity in 2018. Aside from a few collaborations, no solo music from the OVO singer has appeared that year. Sp, perhaps, Fortnite, a game that’s been accused of being as addictive as cocaine, may have derailed PND from wrapping up his album.

Now, this is merely speculation based on this photo. In PND’s defense, even when he’s not releasing his own music, he’s producing or songwriting for other artists. We hope whenever he does emerge from the shadows, he hops on Twitch with Nav and Akademiks to duke it out on Fortnite before dropping his next project. 


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