Patrick Beverley Clowned After Joining All-Star Game Skills Competition


Patrick Beverley is known around the league as one of the more menacing defenders out there. This is mostly because of his trash talk and presence on the court. Some nights, Beverley gets 40 points put on his head although that doesn’t stop him from trying to damage out on the court. Having said that, Beverley has a polarizing reputation with fans that ranges from fandom to downright hatred. Regardless, Beverley continues to play his own game and his teammates love him for it.

Today, Adrian Wojnarowski made a surprising announcement on Twitter as the ESPN reporter revealed that Beverley would be participating in the Skills Competition at NBA All-Star Weekend in Chicago. For now, it remains to be seen what field Beverley will actually be competing in.

This news comes just a couple of days before the trade deadline so fans rightfully thought Woj’s tweet was about a potential Beverley trade. In the end, they were disappointed to find out the true cause of why he was making the news. Some fans even took the opportunity to clown, Beverley, asking why someone like him would be in the Skills Competition of all things.

Check out some of the reactions to the news, below. 


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