Patrick Beverley Disses James Harden During Fan Interaction: Watch


Patrick Beverley is notoriously one of the craziest defenders in the entire NBA. While he isn’t always the best player on the court, his energy allows him to take people down at any given time. Yesterday, the Los Angeles Clippers took on the Los Angeles Lakers in a Christmas Day game that everyone was waiting for. Of course, Beverley was excited to take on LeBron James and he did a pretty decent job in the process as his team won the match, 111-106.

Near the end of the game, Beverley was walking to the courtside seats so he could dap up Clippers owner, Steve Ballmer. During the exchange, a fan yelled “Don’t make me call James Harden” which led a short reply from Beverley. “I’ll knock his a** out too!” Beverley exclaimed with a grin on his face.

Beverley and Harden have a fairly big rivalry going on. The Clippers and Rockets are two teams who always combine for some entertaining basketball and when you have Beverley covering Harden, you get blessed with a pretty great show. Last night, Beverley was able to make LeBron his target and it made for an amazing game.

Perhaps a Beverley vs. Harden playoff series could be exactly what NBA fans need come the postseason.


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