Patrick Beverley Screams At Max Kellerman After Beating The Lakers


Heading into last night’s opening game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers, there was a ton of debate surrounding who would win and which team will be better this season. ESPN’s First Take is one of the shows that has been at the forefront of this debate and aside from Stephen A. Smith, one of its loudest voices is none other than Max Kellerman. Kellerman has been known to upset athletes in the past and according to multiple reports, it seems like Clippers star Patrick Beverley is one of those people.

After defeating the Lakers by a score of 112-102, Beverley spotted Kellerman in the Clippers locker room and want on a bit of a rant of sorts. As soon as he spotted Kellerman, he gave him that Black Air Force One energy that we know him for. 

“You call people out on TV. So I can call you out in front of all these people. Don’t be in your feelings about it,” Beverley said. “Give the fans the honest truth tomorrow. I don’t wanna see no Lakers dunks [and this and that]. Give the fans the honest truth.”

There were no reports as to what Kellerman had to say in response although First Take is about to be interesting this morning. We’ll see if Kellerman has something to say or if he just brushes it off.

With this altercation in mind, there is no denying how entertaining Beverley is.


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