Patrick Mahomes Injury Status Updated Ahead Of Packers Game


Patrick Mahomes is easily the best quarterback in all of football, when he is, indeed, healthy. Just last week in a game against the Denver Broncos, Mahomes dislocated his knee cap and had it popped back in on the spot. Chiefs fans were extremely worried as to what the results would be of an MRI but in the end, everything worked out just fine as he was told he would only have to miss around three weeks, which isn’t all that bad when you think about it.

Regardless, Mahomes ended up back on the practice field this week and some around the organization thought it may be a sign that he could be playing anyway. Unfortunately for Chiefs fans, it was reported today by Ian Rapoport that Mahomes won’t be active on Sunday against the Green Bay Packers as he simply isn’t healthy enough yet.

The fact that Mahomes was back on the practice field is a good sign of things to come as it means he could be back sooner than expected. As of right now, the Chiefs sit at a record of 5-2 so they have some breathing room without him in the lineup. If they begin to start losing consecutive games, you might see Mahomes rushed back into the lineup.


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