Patrick Mahomes’ Knee Injury Leads To Meltdown Amongst Chiefs Fans


When it comes to the quarterback position, there is no player that means more to his team than Patrick Mahomes. Without Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs wouldn’t be putting up the blistering results they’ve had over the last two years. Throughout the first quarter of the season, Mahomes has been struggling with an ankle injury and during Thursday Night Football, Mahomes ended up going down with a knee problem. During a quarterback sneak, Mahomes was landed on awkwardly and appeared to dislocate his knee.

Trainers immediately came onto the scene to attend to Mahomes, where you could see trainer snap his knee back into place. Instead of being carted away, Mahomes was able to get up and walk off the field under his own power. The Chiefs went on to win the game 30-6.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Mahomes will be undergoing an MRI immediately and will find out the results today. Considering this is a knee issue, there is a good chance he will be out for the next few weeks although there is hope that he can come back before the end of the season. 

As you can imagine, Chiefs fans were absolutely devastated by the news and took to Twitter in droves to express their feelings on the matter. Needless to say. they’re not exactly thrilled about the rest of the season. 


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