Patrick Mahomes Reacts To His Knee Injury Following TNF Win


Patrick Mahomes won the MVP award in the NFL last season thanks to his incredible season as the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs. Mahomes ended up throwing for an impressive 50 touchdowns and wowed fans with his impressive throws and ability to improvise while under pressure. Heading into this season, Mahomes was expected to give fans more of the same and heading into last night’s game against the Denver Broncos, he was making good on that promise. 

Unfortunately, things came crashing down last night as he injured his knee during a QB sneak. Fans are distraught over the injury and we’ll only know the full scope of his condition later today. Chiefs fans should remain hopeful though as after the game, Mahomes took to Twitter to comment on his injury and congratulate his team on the 30-6 victory.

“Awesome team win! Love my brothers!” Mahomes wrote. “Thank you for all the prayers! Everything looking good so far!”

Mahomes seems to be optimistic about his injury which is certainly good news for not just Chiefs fans but fantasy owners and football fans at large, as well. He is easily one of the most entertaining quarterbacks in the league and without him on the field, the NFL is done a disservice.

We wish him a speedy recovery.


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