Patti LaBelle Says Music Today Lacks “Substance”: “There’s Still Some Growth”


For those of you who may just be diehard The Masked Singer fans, we’re dropping a spoiler here: Patti LaBelle was eliminated from the show. The legendary singer donned a flower costume and belted out songs for the judges, but it wasn’t like she was fooling anyone. Ms. Patti has one of the most distinctive, recognizable voices in the music industry, and while fans were sad to see her go, they were happy she took a chance and appeared on the show.

Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Following her elimination, Patti chatted with The Hollywood Reporter not only aboutThe Masked Singer but the current state of music. She agreed that the scene has changed drastically in the last 10, 20 years, adding “I’ve been in it for how long? Sixty years performing, and I see changes all the time. I never know if we’re going to ever go back to when real music was real music. Because a lot of things today, they’re very — if a song, the title is ‘Get It Now’ or something, you’re going to hear ‘get it now’ the whole record, no substance. So there’s still some growth. And I hope that it goes back to substance.”

After saying that songwriting has taken a hit, the singer also stated that there are vocalists who are thought to be talented who use so much processing in their music. “Because some of them can’t really sing,” she stated. “I’m not saying it to knock anyone because that’s their hustle. And if you can get by with ‘Get It Now’ and say it over and over and over and the record sells, then you did your job. But I’m still looking for substance.” Do you agree with Patti?


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