Paul George & Kawhi Leonard Planned Their Clippers Move At Drake’s Mansion


Los Angeles has always been Laker town. Although the Clippers have spanked the Lakers on court for the last few years, nobody in the city of angels would tell you that it was Clipper town. That all changed last year when Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard made the jump from the Toronto Raptors to the Clippers, and Paul George went to meet up with him. Now, the Clippers have a championship team that has beaten the Lakers twice this season. Although LeBron James and the Lakers are the number one team in the Western Conference, the Clippers are slowly taking over the city with a renewed push for relevancy. 

Paul Geroge recently sat down with ESPN for a cover story on his progress and his reasons for returning to his hometown, Los Angeles. In the lengthy piece, George speaks on how he and Kawhi first began plotting their move to the Clippers. George claims it all started when he called Kawhi, who he had known since their high school days in Southern California, to congratulate him on the Raptors championship win. “It was congratulating him on winning,” George stated. “That’s how it started … then it took on a life of its own.” The two shared innumerable text messages and phone calls before they had two in-person meetings at Drake’s mansion in Hidden Hills, California. Drake had befriended Leonard while he was playing in Toronto, and loaned out his mansion to the finals MVP to use for free agency meetings while he was in Los Angeles. Drake really is everywhere. 


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