Paul Pierce Makes First In-Person Statement Since ESPN Firing


Paul Pierce was fired from ESPN in epic fashion this past week following an incident that was well within his control. As many of you know already, Pierce took to Instagram Live where he could be seen drinking and smoking around a plethora of strippers and escorts. While Pierce seemed to be having a good time, ESPN didn’t approve and they promptly fired him, which was to be expected considering they are owned by Disney. In fact, the whole incident prompted Kyle Kuzma to call Pierce a sicko.

Recently, TMZ was able to catch up to Pierce, where they asked him about what his plans are moving forward. For now, Pierce won’t divulge what he has going on although he is confident he will come back stronger than ever.

“Truth gonna bounce back like never before that’s all you gotta know,” Pierce said. It’s been reported that places like Barstool could end up landing Pierce although, at this point, there is no guarantee such a thing will happen. Regardless, Pierce has a ton of prospects and we’re sure he will find a new job sometime soon.

As for his IG Lives, we’re sure he will be seeking an employer that allows him to be himself.

Paul Pierce

Asanka Ratnayake/Getty Images