Paul Pierce’s IG Live Goes Off The Rails, NBA Twitter Reacts


Paul Pierce is one of those former basketball players who always seems to get clowned on a frequent basis. The reason behind this is the fact that he is always hating on LeBron James while talking himself up to be one of the best to ever play the game. It has led to a lot of hilarious slander on the internet, and despite all of it, Pierce just keeps on talking as if no criticism has been dished out.

This time around, people are talking about Pierce for a whole different reason, as on Friday night, he took to Instagram Live in what appeared to be an out of character showing. In the clip below, Pierce can be seen hanging out with some escorts who were twerking on him. Pierce was also smoking at times and there was plenty of debauchery to go around.

Throughout the IG Live, fans in the comments section reminded him that he is married and even has a kid. These comments did not phase Pierce who just continued on with the Livestream. Following the ordeal, fans took to Twitter, where some of the best memes were born. Most of them were about his employer ESPN, who is also owned by Disney. The commentary was great and it seems like Pierce might be in for a punishment.

You can see what people had to say about this ridiculousness, below.