Peter Gunz Could Be The New Host Of “Cheaters”


During his stint as a cast member on Love & Hip-HopNew York, Peter Gunz earned a reputation for being one of the greatest h*es of all-time. As of today, the 51-year-old Bronx-bred emcee currently has a total of ten biological children he is aware of including the likes of highly-respected lyricist, Cory Gunz. Now, it looks like Peter Gunz has landed the hosting gig of a lifetime for one of the greatest franchises in television literature in Cheaters

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images 

With his trifling ways well documented on Love & Hip-Hop throughout the years, it would only make sense that the “Startin’ Somethin'” rapper be the face of such a prestigious brand such as Cheaters. As of right now, Cheaters has not officially revealed whether or not if Peter Pankey will be the latest season’s host of the scandalous reality show being that they haven’t posted a single Tweet May of last year. 

This past Friday (Jan. 31), the “Uptown (Deja Vu)” rhyme spitter took to his Instagram account posting a promotional photo of himself revealing that he was the new host of the show with a caption stating:

“Who better to help you catch a cheater than Peter? Don’t ask no questions just tune the f*ck in!!”

If the reports of Peter Gunz being named the new host of Cheaters are true, he would become the show’s first Black American host in its history following in the footsteps of Tommy Habeeb, Joey Greco, and Clark James Gable. 

Let’s just hope Gunz doesn’t end up like Joey Greco when the Cheaters production team decided to keep the cameras rolling as he bled out on a boat after being stabbed by an enraged lover on the show. 

Check out Peter Gunz’s IG post revealing himself as the new host of Cheaters below. 


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