Pharrell Williams Spent His Birthday Honoring Cousin Killed By Police


It was just a little over a week ago when Virginia Beach was hit with multiple tragedies. It’s reported that three separate shootings occurred in the same area, resulting in two fatalities. One person who lost their life was Donovan Lynch, the 25-year-old cousin of Pharrell Williams who was reportedly shot and killed by police. While details regarding the incident remain scarce, Pharrell has publicly called for a transparent and thorough investigation. Yesterday (April 5), Lynch’s loved ones gathered together at Wave Church where the megaproducer spoke about how he hoped that the “tragedy” would encourage conversations about dangers in the community.

“Although Donovon’s body laid in the street for an inhuman amount of time, his spirit got up,” Pharrell reportedly said. “Tragedy after tragedy, the body of Virginia Beach keeps getting knocked down. But it is time for the spirit of Virginia Beach to get up.” Mayor Bobby Dyer was in the audience at the funeral and Pharrell reportedly questioned why Dyer waited a week before contacting Lynch’s family.

“Virginia Beach, you need to talk — talk about your issues, talk about your struggles so we can get past them,” Pharrell added. “We need to put each other on notice, not to tear each other down but to lift each other up so we can be effective. So that we can win.” Check it out below.

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