Phillip Adams’ Sixth Victim Dies In Hospital Following Shooting


Former NFL player Phillip Adams killed himself on Thursday after committing mass murder in South Carolina on Wednesday Night. Adams killed Dr. Robert Lesslie and the man’s wife, as well as his two grandchildren who were ages five and nine. There were two workers on-site at the time and one of them was killed on the scene while another, 38-year-old Robert Shook, was brought to the hospital where he was fighting for his life.

According to Yahoo Sports!, Shook passed away from his injuries, which now means Adams killed six people during the incident. It’s a truly senseless tragedy that has affected so many lives, and it is truly unfortunate that so many innocent people were taken from us.

Phillip Adams

Sean Gardner/Getty Images

In the aftermath of Adams’ actions, his family has allowed officials to test him for CTE which is a brain disease that has been closely associated with football. The long-lasting effects of hits to the head have been studied for quite some time and if Adams did have CTE, then it could very well explain what led him to commit such atrocities.

Test results could take months although in the interim, we send our condolences to all of those who have lost loved ones in this tragedy.

Phillip Adams

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