Phora Delivers “Set You Free”


Rapper Phora has returned to share his newest “Set You Free” track, a song penned as an ode to a victim of domestic violence as he attaches a matching clip to the track in its debut.

“I wrote this song about a girl I knew who went through something I couldn’t do anything about,” Phora revealed in an  Instagram post. “I felt powerless, like I wanted to change the situation and free her from what she was going thru.. she was trapped, stuck, lost in a TOXIC situation she didn’t wanna be in.. I know that so many people are going thru the same thing, some even worse, so I wanted to put how I felt in a song to let her and the rest of the world know they deserve better than to be trapped in a toxic situation.”

Quotable Lyrics

I know you come with demons like the rest of us
Got all these thoughts inside, just hopin’ they don’t get the best of us
Look, you runnin’ to the ones that hurt you most
You rather hurt than face this world alone, but


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