Pitbull Says To Hell With A Pandemic On “I Believe That We Will Win”


Pitbull has been known for his pop-rap anthems over the years and even if you’re not a fan of his music, there is no denying just how big of an artist he is. When Pitbull drops a new song, you can be sure you will hear it on the radio. The MC is also incredibly positive and with his latest song “I Believe That We Will Win,” positivity in the face of darkness is exactly what he is trying to instill in the world.

This track is about the Coronavirus pandemic and how we can overcome it if we just uplift each other and stay strong. The lyrics are what you would see on a motivational speaker’s college campus tour script. Pitbull seeks to hammer home the idea that we are stronger than any virus and that together, we shall overcome. While as a standalone track this may be a little gimmicky, the sentiment alone is what makes this “Very Hot.”

Quotable Lyrics:

It’s not how you fall
It’s how you get back up
And what don’t kill us, make us stronger
Boy, bet that up

source https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/pitbull-says-to-hell-with-a-pandemic-on-i-believe-that-we-will-win-new-song.1986854.html

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