Planet Giza Shares New Song “Insomnia”


The Montreal-based trio, Planet Giza, formed back in 2013. They spent time developing a local following and honing their sound across a string of EPs before releasing their debut album, Added Sugar, this year, which boasted a feature from Mick Jenkins and production from fellow Montrealer, Kaytranada. The group is evidently riding the rush of their first full-length release because they’re back already with another song, “Insomnia”. 

Planet Giza arose out of a merger between The North Virus and Rami B. The North Virus consisted of the producer duo, Dumix and Tony Stone, who decided to establish a permanent group with Rami B after a 45-minute session resulted in the SoundCloud success, “Old School Convertible”. Beats have remained a prominent part of the unit’s focus, ensuring a strong groove is always present. “Insomnia” shows Planet Giza crafting the kind of ethereal bop that they specialize in. They’ve carved out a lucrative lane for themselves that could lead far beyond the bounds of Canada. 

Give the track a listen below and let us know what you think. 

Quotable Lyrics

I got five rings, she bounce like springs
Going up and down
My hotline bling, is that my ting?
I’m on the way now


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