Playboi Carti Decimated A Grocery Store While Filming The “Sky” Music Video


Ever since the release of his polarizing album Whole Lotta Red last Christmas, fans have been clamoring for more music from Playboi Carti. On Friday, the Atlanta artist returned with a treat for his fans, opting to share with them a new music video while they continue to wait for the deluxe version of Whole Lotta Red. The music video brought the fan-favorite WLR album cut “Sky” to life, and the visuals found Playboi Carti raising hell in a grocery store.

Thanks to recently surfaced pictures showing the aftermath of the filming of “Sky,” fans can see the bad state that Playboi Carti and his group of rambunctious cronies — including rising Atlanta rapper Destroy Lonely— left it in. Knocked-over cereal boxes and spilled juice covers the floor of an aisle in one photo while another picture reveals that Carti’s production somehow caused a hole in the grocery store’s ceiling. One behind-the-scenes shot even shows Playboi Carti standing on top of one of the aisle dividers, bending over right next to a “Cold Beer” sign.

Seeing as the Die Lit rapper likely had to pay to book the grocery store for the video shoot, one can only assume that whatever damages the “Sky” music video left on the store were promptly taken care of. If you still haven’t checked out Playboi Carti’s latest music video, you can check it out below.