Playboi Carti’s “Whola Lotta Red” Might Arrive Sooner Than You Think


It’s beginning to feel like we’ll need to wait an eternity before Playboi Carti decides to drop his new album. After the fans reacted positively to cult-favourite Die Lit, a youthful group of hip-hop lovers has been begging the Atlanta rapper to come through on his new release. We’ve known about Whole Lotta Red for months, even believing it may arrive last week. While there is still no release date attached to the project, Carti stans can expect the body of work to release sometime soon because the artist himself has started teasing its imminence.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Taking to social media earlier today, Playboi Carti rocked some bright red pants and told the world that they can anticipate his new album soon. “Him <3 red incoming,” typed the superstar talent in his own cryptic fashion. While he doesn’t necessarily state a time and day we can expect to hear WLR, he does say it’s coming and just that’s comforting.

This situation has become somewhat of an Eternal Atake re-do with fans constantly begging Carti to drop the project after suffering from an incessant leak of his music. Does this mean we’ll receive Red this week? This month? Or even this year? Who knows? Whenever an artist says something is “coming soon,” that can seriously mean anything. However, we’ve got a good feeling about this.


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