PlayStation 5’s Rumored Launch Price Revealed


Though the future of gaming appears more promising than ever, the once-projected holiday season launch for Sony’s PlayStation 5 may be a rocky one, to say the least. According to a new report from Bloomberg, the initial production run of the PS5 will lead to a “limited” quantity within the console’s first year, a decision intimately connected to the projected price. According to their sources, Sony intends on producing between five and six million consoles within the first fiscal year of the PS5’s launch cycle, which concludes in March of 2021.

Ps5 PlayStation 5 price

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Apparently, Sony believes that its anticipated price ranging between $499 and $549 will ultimately play a role in slowing down the initial demand, which in turn allows them to allocate production resources accordingly. It should be noted that the Coronavirus pandemic has yet to have an impact on the actual production of the console, though it did through a wrench in some of Sony’s promotional plans. On top of that, production on certain components of the console has been impacted as well, which could go on to have an impact on the PS5’s final price.

Though all signs still point to a Holiday 2020 release window, fans might consider pre-ordering the console as soon as it becomes available. Bloomberg’s report warns that it might be slightly difficult to grab one of the consoles around the launch period, so anybody fiending to jump into the next generation should move accordingly. In the meantime, look for the PlayStation 5 to make a splash when it does release — even if it does cost up to $549. 



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