PlayThatBoiZay Is “NOCTURNAL”


This is the type of music you would expect to see people moshing to at festivals. PlayThatBoiZay opens the pit up on Nocturnal, a hype new project that captures the energy of chaos. The young Floridian first began to break out after featuring on Denzel Curry’s ZUU album. From there, PlayThatBoiZay has been amassing fans online and dropping off new music. 

Nocturnal runs for seven tracks and features guest appearances from Denzel Curry and Anonymuz. Although the album is brief, PlayThatBoiZay is able to place quality of quantity easily. Songs like “Poison Klan” and “Swarm” are already fan favorites, but “Haunted House Party” is a personal favorite and a unique concept for a track. PlayThatBoiZay’s Nocturnal is a must stream project this season. 


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