PnB Rock Calls DaBaby The “New Gucci Mane”


DaBaby has been having one hell of a run in 2019. With the release of Baby On Baby, and his recently released debut album, KIRK, he’s undoubtedly one of the biggest rappers in the game right now which recently hit number one on the Billboard 200. Overall, DaBaby is taking over the world right now and some are even describing him as legendary at this point in his career. Actually, it was PnB Rock who recently declared DaBaby as the “New Gucci Mane.”

PnB Rock hopped on Instagram Live recently where he addressed a fan’s question on whether he likes DaBaby or Gucci Mane more. Now, it’s unclear where that comparison really came from considering the two are from two completely different cities from two separate eras and don’t really have that much in common. PnB came through with the hot take, though, saying that he prefers DaBaby to Gucci Mane before suggesting that DaBaby might even be better than Gucci. “I ain’t gonna cap, I’m fuckin’ with DaBaby,” he said. “He the new Gucci. He be talkin’ his shit. I’m fuckin’ with it.”

PnB Rock also addressed the little video clip that appeared to show the rapper being detained by the police. The woman taking the video also yelled that it was PnB Rock that was getting arrested. However, the rapper clarified that he was never detained. “Stop Saying Free PNB I Ain’t Neva Got Booked,” he pinned to the top of the IG Live. 


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